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The Urban Hotel, Chinsali


Client Name




Chinsali, Muchinga Province

Floor Area

>5,000 m2

Project Description

Chinsali Urban Hotel will accommodate a total of 69 double occupancy rooms including connected twin rooms, standard double rooms and long-stay apartments. The hotel complex includes retail space, conference facilities and meeting rooms, a restaurant and bar, and an outdoor swimming pool.

CHINSALI HOTEL04.11.22_6 - Photo.jpg
CHINSALI HOTEL04.11.22_14 - Photo.jpg
CHINSALI HOTEL04.11.22_18 - Photo-min.jpg
CHINSALI HOTEL04.11.22_8 - Photo.jpg
CHINSALI HOTEL04.11.22_17 - Photo-min.jpg
CHINSALI HOTEL04.11.22_19 - Photo.jpg
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