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Photo-Realistic 3D Imagery & Animation

Bringing your Vision to Virtual Reality

Whether you’re marketing a development proposal or would like a realistic virtual experience of your building project before it is complete, we can help you achieve that. Using the latest hard- and software systems, Ndilila Associates Architects is able to produce photo-realistic 3D perspectives and building walk-through simulations to bring your vision to virtual reality.

The firm utilises highly trained support staff and the latest in architectural software (Autodesk Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) 2022 Collection) to ensure an international standard of delivery. Our office is equipped with the latest Dell Precision 5820 Tower PCs with i9 Processors and Nvidia Quadro RTX5000 Graphics in order to deliver the highest quality drawings and 3D imagery. Our PCs have the capacity to create 3D virtual models of large-scale building projects – up to the size of a small city.

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