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Construction Supervision & Project Management

Bringing the Dream to Life!

Construction supervision means we’re getting off the page and into the ground! It’ an exciting process in which the dream of the project is realised as a tangible product. Construction is full of surprises and progress. Architects are there to help you navigate it all. Construction supervision involves the following:

Mobilisation: Awarding of the building contract, appointing the contractor, issuing of information to the contractor and arranging for site handover to the contractor

Construction to Practical Completion: Administration of the building contract to practical completion. Provision to the contractor of further information as and when reasonably required. Review of information provided by contractors and specialists.

Post-Practical Completion: Administration of the building contract after practical completion and making final inspections; assisting the building user during the initial occupation period; as well as conducting post-occupation evaluation (review of project performance in use).

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