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Construction Documentation & Tender Evaluation

Coordination of the Project Team

Architects act as the representative of a client (project employer). We represent the interests of the client and communicate these interests to all parties involved in the project, including all professional consultants and the construction contractor(s). Architects prepare and coordinate all construction documentation (i.e.: technical deign and product information) to be used on site to execute the construction of the works. Phases of Construction Documentation and Tender Evaluation include the following:

Technical Design: Preparation of technical design(s) and specifications, to co-ordinate elements of the project and information for statutory standards and construction safety

Production Information: Preparation of production information in sufficient detail to enable tender(s) to be obtained. This includes the application for any statutory approvals, as well as the preparation of further information for construction required under the building contract

Tender Documentation: Preparation of tender documents to enable tender(s) to be obtained

Tender Action: Identification and evaluation of potential contractors and/or specialists for the project. This includes appraising tenders and submitting recommendations to Client.

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