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Architectural Design

From Thought to Thing!

Architectural design begins at project inception and is when we meet most of our clients. If a client doesn’t have a clear idea of what they want – it is our job to help them create one. We take your project from a thought to a thing. We cover all project types and sizes - nothing is too big or too small. Architectural design involves the following stages:

Appraisal: Identification of client’s needs and objectives, and possible constraints on development. Assessment of options to enable the Client to decide how to proceed

Design Brief: Development of the client’s initial statement of requirements into the design brief confirming key requirements and constraints. Identification of procurement method, procedures, organisational structure and range of consultants to be engaged for the project

Design Concept: Implementation of design brief and input to the project brief. Preparation of a concept design including outline proposals for structural and building services systems, outline specifications and preliminary cost plan. Review of procurement route.

Design Development: Preparation of a developed design to include structural and building services systems, updated outline specification and cost plan; completion of the project brief and application for detailed planning permission.

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