• Re-Roofing of Ward Building, Lusaka Trust Hospital, Ongoing

  • International Worship Centre for RCCG, Ongoing

  • Proposed ATM Installations for Barclays Bank, Lusaka, 2007

                at Spectra - Matero

                at BP Kafue Road

                at Down Town Shopping Centre

                at International Airport

                at Crossroads Shopping Centre

  • Calvary Church in Chipata, 1999

  • New Laundry for Fairview Hotel, Lusaka, 1997

  • SADCC Regional Gene Bank, Chalimbana, Lusaka, 1993

  • Warehouse for CMAZ, Lusaka, 1992

  • New Hatchery for Tamba Farms, Lusaka, 1991

  • Pasteurization Room for C.C. Farms, 1990

  • Chapel for Baptist Theological Seminary, Lusaka, 1988

  • Steel Fabrication Workshop for B.M.S., Lusaka, 1987

  • Meat Factory for Majoru Enterprises, Lusaka, 1986

  • Supervision of UNZA Christian Centre, 1985      




Apart from more conventional projects, such as those mentioned in the above categories, as Ndilila Associates Architects and Project Managers, we have been responsible for the design and construction of various other project types. These have related to agriculture (e.g., Tamba Farms hatchery, C.C. Farms pasteurisation room, Majoru Enterprises meat factory, etc.); commerce (several ATM installations around Lusaka for Barclays Bank); religion (religious centres and churches) as well as utilities facilities, warehousing and manufacturing facilities.

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