• FTJ University, Mansa & Kasama Campus, Ministry of Education, Ongoing
  • Training College for Health Workers, Chainama, Lusaka, Ongoing
  • Two Secondary Boarding Schools in Eastern Province, 2006
  • Girls Technical High School, Kapiri Mposhi, 2004
  • Design & Working Drawings to New Roads Training School, Lusaka, 1998
  • Sketch Design Computer and Reading Room Nkwazi School, Lusaka, 1997
  • Rehabilitation of Roads Training School, Lusaka, 1996
  • Alterations to Video Room and Library for British Council, Lusaka, 1994
  • New Primary Classroom Block for ISL, Lusaka, 1993
  • ZESCO-Leadership Training Centre, 1993 (Deferred)
  • Rehabilitation David-Livingstone Teachers Training College, Livingstone, 1992
  • Rehabilitation at Industrial Training Centre, Lusaka, 1992

  • Skills Training Centre for HUZA, Lusaka, 1991

  • Master Plan for American Embassy School, Lusaka, 1990
  • Classrooms for International Baptist Church, Lusaka, 1990 (Deferred)
  • Training School for Standard Chartered Bank, Show Grounds, Lusaka, 1988
  • Supervision of new UNZA School of Agricultural Sciences, Lusaka, 1987




Ndilila Associates Architects and Project Managers have managed over 15, both urban and rural, education projects across the country. These projects include conventional schools, corporate training centres, as well as centres of higher education such as training schools and universities. Education Projects have not been restricted to New-Builds but also encompass rehabilitation projects, alteration and extension works.

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